What To Carry Inside Your Bag While Visiting Your Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic

Greetings to all lovely pregnant ladies residing in Watford! This is a pandemic situation and pregnant women need to be more cautious than ever. I would request all expecting women to not go outside until and unless it’s a medical emergency or it’s for your prenatal appointments. There are some places that you just can’t avoid going – ultrasound baby scan clinic.

Here is a list of things that you must carry inside your bag when you are visiting your baby scan clinic. Let’s have a quick look at the list.

Medical Notes

Medical Notes 

Without your medical or hospital notes, the sonographer would not be able to scan you properly. Hence, always carry all your necessary medical notes inside your bag.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

You might need a hand sanitizer so do carry a good one. I would suggest you carry an alcohol-infused small hand sanitizer.

Mask And Gloves

Mask and Gloves

Obviously, you’ll visit the ultrasound baby scan clinic wearing a face mask and gloves, but what if the mask and gloves you’re wearing get soiled or damaged? So, it’s smart to carry an extra face mask and a pair of gloves.

Disinfecting Wet Wipes

Disinfecting Wet Wipes

Sanitizing wipes are great for cleaning your smartphone and other belongings that get dirty. Carry a packet of disinfecting wet wipes in your bag.

Magazines Or Books

Magazines Or Books

You might have to wait for your scan session turn in the clinic. Keep a good book or a magazine to pass time while waiting for your call.

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Hydration is important. Carry a water sipper so that you are always well-hydrated.

Is there anything else that I missed out? Tell me in the comments. Book your next ultrasound scan from the best baby scan clinic in Watford.

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How Pregnancy Is Different During Corona Outbreak In UK

Pregnancy is indeed a difficult time for a woman. It has been made more difficult by the COVID-19 outbreak. In Watford, pregnant ladies are only entitled to go out in case of a medical emergency, which means you can only step out to have your regular prenatal check-ups at OB-GYN and ultrasound baby scan clinic.

Today, I would like to share how my pregnancy transformed after this pandemic outbreak.

Before Corona, I planned many things associated with my pregnancy which got drastically ruined by the onset of this virus in my town, Watford, actually, I should say the entire world because we all are in the same boat. There’s not a single person on this globe who hasn’t cancel his or her plans due to Corona. Talking about my plans, I wanted to go on a babymoon, throw a gender-reveal bash (I even got my gender scan report of having a girl from the gender scan clinic), and get a full-body spa from my favourite spa centre. All plans went down the drain!

Now what I’m doing? Sitting with my son for his online classes and counting days. Well, maternity pillow has become my best friend now and I’m glad to announce that I’ve honed my cooking skills during this quarantine. Now I spend more time with my family than ever before. I’ve started taking better care of my health than I used to – I drink mint juice, eat almonds, and floss every day. Whenever I face a minor health query, I consult my gynae online. She’s extremely sweet and cooperative during this time.

So far, I’ve had both good and times while being pregnant during my home quarantine. Masks, gloves, and sanitizers have become constant during my ultrasound baby scan clinic’s appointments. Let’s hope everything becomes normal soon.

If you want to book fetal health check scan, click on Watford Baby Scan Offers.

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COVID-19: Stop! Don’t Watch News If You’re With A Bump

Hello to all lovely pregnant ladies in Watford! COVID-19 is the shittiest thing that has happened to us. This COVID-19 even ruined my plans to go for an outdoor maternity photoshoot. Duh! Everyone has become an expert during this COVID-19 crisis. Before this disgraceful pandemic outbreak, we used to talk about numberless things, but now whenever I call someone, they chat only about Coronavirus. Because of this COVID-19, my ultrasound baby scan clinic has stopped providing 3D and 4D scans deeming them as non-essential.

News channels have a lot to say during this time. There’s a reason why I don’t watch the news nowadays. My pregnancy is already demanding as I’m carrying two little bunnies inside my womb so I can’t afford to waste my time watching the news only to become anxious. As we all say, “Ignorance is bliss”, so yes, I’m avoiding news altogether. I’ll tell you why you should not watch the news when you’re pregnant during this pandemic outbreak. Agreed, news provides us with vital information and the journalists and news reporters are just doing their job. I applaud them for giving us crucial information even during this catastrophic situation. But still, I feel if you’re pregnant your priority should be your baby and the contents you consume have a huge impact on your baby’s mind and well-being. The numbers in UK are increasing and will sadly continue to because it takes time to flatten the curve. Everyone is doing their best to curb this situation but as we know it will take time for things to become normal.

During pregnancy, you need positivity and happiness. So, watching too much news will make you anxious which is surely what you should not want this time. Avoid doomsurfing and watching too much news. However, stay connected with the current events by only investing 15-20 minutes on news consumption. Take good care of your physical and mental health. Stay digitally connected with your support system. Visit your ultrasound baby scan clinic for fetal health check scans and do not panic. Let’s hope that Watford and the entire world become normal soon.

To know more about pregnancy, visit https://en-gb.facebook.com/wttwwatford/

To know about baby scan clinic in Watford, visit https://www.yell.com/biz/window-to-the-womb-watford-8114108/


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COVID-19: Productive Things To Do If You’re Expecting And Home Quarantined

Hello, lovely expecting ladies in Watford! Hope you all are staying safe inside your homes, washing your hands properly and only going out of the house for attending your OB-GYN and ultrasound baby scan clinic’s appointments. 


Since we are home quarantined to avoid infectious Coronavirus, we are left with plenty of time to do anything we desire. You can either Netflix and Chill or do something productive even while being pregnant during this pandemic period. The choice is yours. If you choose the latter then here I’m presenting some ideas on productive things to do if you’re expecting and home quarantined. 


Declutter your home


Home is where the heart is. Since you have so much of time left in your hands, you can declutter your home and give the rooms a makeover to welcome your baby. It’s the time to turn your babyproofing ideas into a reality. So, take the help of your partner and do something new for your sweet home. 


Knit and Knit


You might have made 5-6 sewing and knitting boards on Pinterest. Well, why not start a knitting project during this home quarantine. You can make cute mittens, socks, and hats for your upcoming baby. Upon that, knitting will never bore you! 


Learn a new language


Knowing too many languages never harms anyone. Instead, you’ll be able to befriend people from various parts of the world. Well, when it comes to learning a new language, nothing works better than Duolingo! 


Read informative books 


Books are still the most important source of knowledge. Make the most of your quarantine by reading good books on pregnancy and parenting so that you know what will be on your plate after the little one’s arrival. 


Learn new recipes


Most of us don’t get enough time to learn new recipes, well not now. Learn new recipes online so that when the lockdown gets over, you can prepare appetizing meals for your loved ones. 


I hope you liked this blog. If you want to book your early pregnancy scans, visit Watford Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic

Pregnant And Scared Of Coronavirus? Here’s What You Need To Know

Yes, it is the time to be scared and on your guard. It is also the time to be hygienic and on self-quarantine. For pregnant women, this pandemic has become more problematic as now they can’t even go out unless it’s an emergency. As said by Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, “What’s Done Cannot Be Undone,” the virus has already become a pandemic which means the entire world is suffering and it will take time for things to get back to its normal state.


Well, I or you cannot stop the virus but we can certainly self-isolate ourselves to not become a victim of Covid-19. People need to understand the meaning of social distancing so that they do not infect others or get infected by this novel Wuhan Coronavirus.

As a pregnant woman, you need to ensure that you never step out of the house unless it’s a medical emergency. Also, tell your relatives and friends to stay in their homes instead of visiting you. Be in constant touch with your OB-GYN doctor either digitally if not physically and when going out for your doctor’s visit, wear a mask and disposable gloves. You do not have to postpone or skip your ultrasound baby scan clinic’s appointment. You just need to be safe and visit a baby scan clinic which is clean, safe, and near to your house. If you’ve gone outside for your necessary medical check-up, change your outside clothes and take a bath to clean yourself.


Always wash your hands properly and frequently without fail. Viruses are not visible to the human eye so you never know what might be on your hands. So, to be on the safest side, NHS has prescribed to wash hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. There is a chance that the virus can affect the unborn but we still do not have plenty shreds of evidence so it’s better to never take the risk. Generally, symptoms of Coronavirus in most cases are fever, shortness of breath, dry cough. Some people also had no symptoms but still tested positive while some people were positive with no travel history to the Covid-19 affected countries.


Finally, do not believe in rumours and take your news and knowledge from trusted sites, like WHO and NHS. Stay at home to fight Coronavirus and be ready to welcome your precious baby to this world!

Get Best Baby Scan Offers From Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic In Watford!

baby scan clinic watford

Ultrasound baby scan clinics do an amazing job at diagnosing your unborn baby’s well-being and ruling out any complications. An ultrasound scan is compulsory for all pregnant women so dodging it is no option. We all know pregnancy can be expensive but with special baby scan offers the financial worries ease a bit.

Today, let’s get acquainted with the best baby scan offers by one of the most infamous baby scan clinic in Watford. Now, let’s take a look at these excellent baby scan packages!

images (3)

1. Well-Being + Gender Scan Package 

In this baby scan package, you’ll get the following diagnostic information:

  • Well-being scan & report

  • 99.9% accurate gender confirmation

  • FREE 4D peek

  • Four Photo Prints

  • Digital scan images on Baby Scan App

  • Additional members allowed

  • Availability of FREE rescan.

  • Available from 16-23 Weeks

  • At just £59

2. Gender Reveal Scan 

It’s an upgraded version of the previously mentioned baby scan package. If you opt for this upgraded package, here’s what you would get.

  • Well-being Check & Report

  • 99.9% accurate gender evaluation

  • Four Photo Prints

  • All Digital Images

  • Free 4D Peek available

  • Baby Scan gifts, like Heartbeat Bears, Small Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon, and many more.

  • Available from 16-23 Weeks

  • Priced at £79

3. Well-being + 4D Baby Scan (Very Important Baby)

4D scans are gaining popularity as it show better images and is able to diagnose abnormalities that go unnoticed in 2D or 3D ultrasound scans. Let’s look at this exclusive baby scan offer.

  • Well-being Check & Report

  • Full 4D Baby Scan (100% Longer 4D Scanning)

  • Gender Confirmation (on demand)

  • 6x Medium Full-Colour Photo Prints

  • 2x Large Full-Colour Photo Prints

  • Digital copies of all scan images on Baby Scan App

  • Full Scan Movie

  • 2x Keyrings + prints

  • Family or Friends allowed

  • FREE* rescan guarantee

  • Available from 24-34 weeks

  • Offer code: 2VERY79

  • Discounted Price: £79 only. Actual Price: £135

Remember, if you have two buns in your oven, you’ll need to pay an extra charge of £25 as a multiple pregnancy requires more time during an ultrasound examination. You can book the above packages online from Ultrasound Baby Scanning Services Watford.

Baby Scan Clinic Can Help Expecting Parents To Prepare For Birth Defects

Baby Scan Clinic Watford

No one fancies getting sick but when the kids fall sick, it breaks the parents’ hearts too. Imagine when to-be parents go to an ultrasound baby scan clinic and they are told that the baby has some birth defect, can you imagine how do they cope up with the same? Well, it is a heart-wrenching moment for sure, but knowing about it in advance helps immensely. Let’s understand how ultrasound baby scan clinic can help new parents to be prepared for any birth defects.

Ultrasound baby scan clinic uses ultrasound waves to pass through the pregnant belly and cast an imaged from it. It helps evaluate many useful things about the baby. With the help of advanced 4D baby scans, now, you can find more about the unborn baby than ever before. This way you can know if the baby has any birth defect. Now there are 3 types of birth defects, the ones that can be treated completely, the one that can be managed well, and the ones that can be not. Let’s understand the possibilities one by one.


In case you are dealing with birth defects like a cleft lip or palate or both, according to your ultrasound baby scan clinic an report, be thankful, because they can be treated completely. If these surgeries are done at an early age, there is a high chance that they will bear no marks of the same in the later stages of life.

In case you are eating with a severe issue like respiratory or heart issue in the baby, you need to be prepared both mentally and financially to be able to afford the treatment and management of the defect of the baby with a special need. Though children with congenital defects need much extra care, knowing about them in advance often helps parents immensely.

to-be parents

Now, in case you are dealing with something with very little or no hope of recovery, it is best to terminate the pregnancy and hope to have a healthy baby in the future. It is a very challenging decision for the parents but prior information is crucial to make the decisions anyway.

So, no matter what kind of birth defect is in question, knowing about them in advance is a huge help, the ultrasound baby scan clinics are the best way to evaluate the same.

How Baby Scan Clinic Watford Helps To Plan A Great Easter Pregnancy Announcement

“The Easter eggs symbolizes our ability to break out of the hardened, protective shell we’ve surrounded ourselves with that limits our thoughts and beliefs. As we break open our hearts and minds we discover a transformation to new, life-enhancing thoughts and beliefs.” Siobhan Shaw

Indeed Easter is s a magical time that brings as a different side in us. In case you are expecting and yet to tell everyone about it, just wait a little more. There are 2 things you need to do, make it even more special. At first, you need to get confirmation regarding your baby’s health and growth. A good baby scan clinic in Watford is enough to make sure of it. The next is the big pregnancy announcement. Since Easter is here, why not blinding its elements with your big surprise.

1. Baby Jesus

Decorate your home with elements of easter and include a small, baby Jesus to it. You can keep an ultrasound photo offered by your baby scan clinic to surprise people in between festive spirit. This is a very simple and yet special way to spread the good news.

2. Furry Sibling

In case you already have a furry baby its time to involve them in the big reveal. Whether you have got a dog, or cat, or even a birdie, make a small note saying ‘i am expecting a new baby brother or sister’. This will definitely bring a smile to anyone present at your Easter party.

3. Easter Bunny Bow

This one is kind of tricky as it involves chubby, cuddly bunnies. Bring some cutie pie bunnies and tie a bow around their neck with the big news attached on it. Now let the bunny loose and as they keep hopping around the party, they will keep spreading the news.

4. Easter Egg Baby

Easter can never go amiss without chocolate eggs. It is not uncommon to find customized eggs to make it even suitable for the festive season. This year, get some really special easter egg with the good news carved on it.

These are some of the amazing ideas to make this Easter memorable for years to come. However, these are not the only easter pregnancy announcement ideas and find more such exciting ideas below.

You can try new things as well, as the festive season brings no rules. Happy Easter to you!

Yoga During Pregnancy Can Be Beneficial For You And Your Baby

At first, wishing a very Happy Women’s Day to all mommies and mommy-to-be out there. Pregnancy is a very special time in every woman’s life. Every pregnant woman goes through with some physical and psychological changes, which can be tough to handle sometimes for pregnant women. They drown in depression easily.

Yoga during pregnancy

To get along with these changes yoga helps a lot! Every doctor’s prescribe yoga (if there are no complications) to keep a pregnant woman stay healthy and happy. Before performing yoga, it would be best to have a pregnancy scan from the best Baby Scan Clinic or consult with your doctor about joining a yoga class. Let’s see the benefits of yoga during your pregnancy

1. Yoga Reduces Stress Level:

This is one of the important benefits of doing yoga. Women who are pregnant are easily drawn into stress. End up having a bad mood for a whole day. Yoga can change this situation. Breathing exercise calms the nervous system and helps to breathe properly, help you to relax, increase the oxygen supply to your baby and help to build a better sound development in your baby.

2. Tones Your Muscle:

Yoga helps you to keep your muscle toned and build a structure. Especially the abdominal part (hips, core muscle). It develops and strengthens your birth process. A proper yoga can save you from imbalance. Even after delivery, you’ll get in your previous shape very quickly.

3. Build Connection With Your Baby:

Yoga helps to calm down the nervous system and bring relaxation for you, which will benefit your baby to relax and build a connection with you. You’ll be able to concentrate on things inside of you.

4. Keeps You Active:

This is important for every would-be-mama to stay active during pregnancy. Yoga can keep you active and refresh with increasing the flow of ‘happy hormones’ inside your body, which every mama-to-be need!

5. Help In Digestion:

During pregnancy, you may face with digestion. It happens because of the baby’s growth inside of you and the digestive organs cannot receive enough space to work properly. It leads to indigestion, gas, bloating and constipation. Yoga exercises will help you to enhance the digestion process and make you comfortable.

Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga is very helpful for every pregnant woman. If you have not thought about to start it yet, make a promise to yourself and start it soon. Don’t forget to check your baby’s health from the best Baby Scan Clinic near you.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For This Christmas

Christmas is a good time of the year and if you are pregnant then certainly it is a great time of the year for you. In case, you are yet to announce the same and bottling it all inside, the Christmas party is a great time to do it with grace. But don’t forget to get your scan from an ultrasound baby scan clinic first, for both assuring of the baby’s growth and to make the announcement more fun. So, here we go with the ideas.

Hang Baby Socks


You clearly are having a Christmas tree displayed for all your dedication and wish socks. This year along with these Santa socks hang a pair of small baby socks as well. A clever way of announcing that blends well with the theme.

Baby Scan Image


The Christmas tree is going to come handy for this option as well. Your ultrasound baby scan clinic definitely has handed over a few amazing baby scan shots. All you need to do is to place them gracefully on the Christmas tree. This tree is surely coming handy this year, right!

Make A Snow Baby

snow baby

Yep, you have read right. Not a snowman but a snow baby. You can carve it yourself if is an expert in making them, but probably it is best to get one customized from the people whare a pro in this. You can dress it lightly with a bow as well.

Theme Party

chrismas party

Of course, Christmas reminds us of spirituality taught by Jesus. In case you want to announce your pregnancy in a clever way, you can have a themed party of ‘birth of Jesus’, where the to-be-parents can dress as Mary and Joshep.

Belly Bow


A baby is the greatest gift for you this season. Show your love with this little tricky way. The best part is, all you need for this, is the bow ties. You can have the to-be-mama to tie a ribbon around her baby bump and make a fancy knot around the navel.

surprise gift

These are some of the fun ways to announce your big news with your friends and folks. Which one did you like the most? Of course, you can also find some other innovative way as well. In any way, don’t forget to get a consultation at ultrasound baby can clinic to ensure the health of the growing one inside.